Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bali deal deadline over, talks continue

Come on guys, get it together.
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The UN climate summit in Bali is "on the brink" of a deal, according to the UN's senior climate official, as talks look set to extend into an extra day.

The EU has been pressing for a final text committing industrialised nations to specified emissions cuts, but the US, Canada and Japan are opposed.

Some developing countries said they were being pressurised to accept cuts in their own emissions.

"(We are) on the brink of agreement, I think," he said.

"Absolutely not deadlocked; people are working very hard to resolve outstanding issues."

Screen grab of the Bali conference in Second Life

Neither EU nor US has accepted the text; but as talks continued beyond the scheduled close, delegates from both blocs said agreement was possible.
"I think the situation is good, and the climate in the climate conference is good, and we will have success in the end," Germany's Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters.
Britain's early industrialisation means it has probably produced more greenhouse gases than any other
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