Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rudd backs deep 2020 emissions cuts

During the election campaign, Kevin Rudd has repeatedly said that Australia would not set its own 2020 target until he received a report from economist Ross Garnaut next year. But when he arrives in Bali next week he will face international expectations from Europe, China and Indonesia to make Australia's position clear whether, having ratified the Kyoto Protocol, it is committed to its own deep cuts:
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THE Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, signalled his support for
developed countries, including Australia, agreeing to making deep
cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions in the next 12 years.

In a significant move last night the Australian delegation to
the UN climate talks stated it "fully supports" the proposal that
developed countries need to cut their greenhouse gas emission by 25
to 40 per cent by 2020.

The public statement came after China and Indonesia demanded at
the UN climate change talks in Bali yesterday that developed
nations who have ratified the Kyoto Protocol stick to this
understanding reached earlier this year.

Last night Australia publicly aligned itself with the nations
under the Kyoto Protocol that have agreed to consider these cuts,
distancing the new Rudd Government further from the US position.
Saying Australia "fully supports" the position, the delegation said
Australia was, "happy to proceed on this basis".

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