Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rudd the Ratifier clarifys Australia's Kyoto intentions another round of applause at Bali. This time to the high-level Heads of State meeting.

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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told world leaders in Bali that climate change is the
defining challenge of this generation, and says Australia stands
ready to respond to the problem.
The community of nations must reach agreement. There is no plan B. There is no other planet any of us can escape to. We only have this one.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addresses the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addresses the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Photo: Glen McCurtayne

He told delegates at the United Nations climate change
conference in Bali today that Australia would commit to "real" and
"robust" short and medium term targets to slash greenhouse gases,
after the Garnaut review is finished next year.

Mr Rudd received enthusiastic applause as he was introduced at
the high-level segment of the Bali talks, after earlier formally
handing over the instrument of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol
to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

"It will require tough choices, and some of these will come at a
political price," he said.
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DB said...

So, am I a bad person for using my computer to surf blogs on Global Warming? I mean, my computer uses a bunch of energy it wouldn't be using if I wasn't using it. I suppose I could do it with the lights and tv turned off though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

No, not bad.

But you are a moron for asking the question, and if you were really concerned, you would buy your energy from green sources.

DB said...

lol, I'm the moron...pretty tough of you to anonymously attack a post that was humorous and playful in nature. FYI, learning a bit of tact for one, and understanding of sarcasm/humor and other forms of playful questioning might help you in this world someday. For your information, if you had the common sense to check my blog out before your ignorant comment, you would know that I am on the same team as people fighting against global warming. Its people like you that make the Pro-Earth crowd look like a bunch of douchebags.

McQ said...

Wow, what a jerk.
Oh, and way to care about the greenhouse effect, which humans contribute, what....less than 1% to? Find a way to stop water vapors then come talk to me. I'll continue buying my energy from the cheapest sources.