Thursday, December 06, 2007

Labor's climate change policies will 'boost Aust credibility'

The previous govt was mainly interested in developing ways that the uranium industry could take over from the oil industry.
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The head of a climate change review commissioned by state and territory leaders earlier this year says Labor's policies will go a long way to boosting Australia's credibility at the climate change meeting in Bali next month.

Professor Ross Garnaut is canvassing a range of options including emissions trading schemes.

He says to be effective such a program would need to be overseen by an independent commission.

Professor Garnaut says Australia's original decision to join the US and not sign the Kyoto agreement was discouraging for the rest of the international community, something which could be turned around in Bali.

"Us going back, signing Kyoto, will be encouraging for the same reasons and it will mean that our voice will be a bit more credible in the discussions in Bali," he said.

Professor Garnaut says progress towards reducing emissions will need to be led by developed countries.

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