Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blogging yer Bali Conference

Kyoto Kevin, Rudd the Ratifier, well done! Kevin Rudd made good his election promise by triggering the instrument that sets in process the Australian Government ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, as his first act of Government. It was signed hours after the new Labor cabinet was sworn in by the Governor-General, Sir Michael Jeffrey. Bizarre that the English Queen still has a hand in all this — but there you go.

China Daily noted it. They bloody like our Kevin. They love 'im. The headline of following link leads to a glowing write-up in China Daily today, and leaves one wondering just what they really thought of John Howard for 11 years. :::[A man of reason and foresight takes the reins]

And the UN Climate Conference delegates assembling in Bali now loved it, giving Australia a rousing applause for ratifying, that would make an AA convention blush.

Spontaneous applause erupted for Australia as hundreds of delegates at the Bali climate change conference lauded Canberra's decision to ratify the Kyoto protocol.


Indonesia's Environment Minister and the new president of the UNFCCC, Rachmat Witoelar, told the conference he spoke for everyone "giving a sigh of relief" on Australia's change of position.

After the initial reaction, Witoelar invited delegates to offer a second round of applause, which they enthusiastically did. Some delegates even rose to their feet.

UNFCCC executive secretary Yvo de Boer later told reporters: "I think that it was an emotional and spontaneous reaction to a very significant political decision on the part of the Australian government to ratify the Kyoto protocol".

"The long applause in fact reflects people's appreciation for the courage shown by Australia to take this dramatically different position, to engage even more strongly with the international community on the question of climate change."

Witoelar told reporters Australia would be given a seat at the negotiating table and invited to fully participate in talks for a new global warming treaty from 2012, when the Kyoto pact expires.

Leaves one wondering what they previously thought of us. Climate pariahs, apparently, according to The Australian.

So what happens next, and what does it all mean? That's what I'll be trying to work out, as I blog the UN Bali Conference over the next 13 days or so.

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