Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Canadian climate denial sponsored by ExxonMobil

One of the scientists lending his credential to the badly misnamed 'Friends of Science' ( is Tim Patterson. Friends of Science is an organisation heavily engaged in global warming denial and one of the 'friends', Tim Patterson, turns out to work closely with the ExxonMobil via Tech Central Science Foundation. To find out more plug his name into the Exxon Secrets database. :::[].

I have a suggestion for these sorts of pseudo scientific organisations whose only real reason for being seems to be to cover big fossil fuel's polluting agenda; if they have any specific scientific proof that mankind is not causing global warming, then let them publish it in peer reviewed scientific journals. Throw their ideas into the ring and let them slog it out in a Darwinian struggle. If they survive the mauling by our best and brightest, then the public can at least have confidence in the veracity of 'scientific' claims that mankind is not responsible for global warming. Otherwise, it is simply confusing the message in public, and this is irresponsible and cowardly.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scoop on "Friends of Science". It looks a little legit on the site. When you look at their comments they are all pronouncements without studies to back them up.

I would like to see a point by point counter to their "Copmmon Misconceptions to Global Warming".