Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grow your own organs in 10 years.

In what must be the penultimate act of self-sustainability a home grown Aussie science breakthrough has us shortly being able to replace our failing organs by growing them. Just in time too I reckon. Could this be our way out of the consequences of global warming? Since we can't prevent Gaia's organs from collapsing, can we regenerate our own to deal with rapid environmental change. :::[Wikipedia/climate surprise].

Is this a kick along for nuclear? If we can replace radioactive body parts with our own, non-rejectable body parts who cares where we place the nuclear power plants? If your neighbourhood finds it's supprise host to them then just order up complete organ redundancy. The nuclear plant will take 13 years to build, it will only take 10 years to completely regenerate lungs... that's three years of breathing space. Nuclear debate over.

Prime Minister John Howard's original future technology fix to the current problem of global warming has nothing on this little beauty. You read it first on Global Warming Watch.

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