Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CO2 counter commercial punches above weight

Chalk up a victory for the little guy (and the horse he rode in on). The Global Warming Watch counter-advertisement to the Exxon Mobil funded, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) produced campaign is listed #1 on Google when you type in the wonderfully generic search term "CO2 commercial".

Don't let them blow her future like that At time of post, the CEI's own ad was listed at #3, behind YouTube's at #2. The CEI receives hundreds and thousands of dollars a year from fossil fuel companies to muddy the message about the science of global warming, so there is some poetic justice in cost-effectively placing ahead of their commercial with just a tvc script. The Google algorithm is based on the number of 'votes', or links, to the page being ranked so thank you to all who voted in the great big Google election and linked me. It a message that the public won't tolerate bad adverting, let alone bad science. For those who haven't read the script, please do, and if you like it, link it. The election is dynamic and you will be helping me maintain my Google ranking for :::[Carbon dioxide spot: They call it an ad, we call it a lie] ahead of CEI's :::[Carbon dioxide: They call it pollution. We call it life] for 'co2 commercial' and improving my ranking for other terms such as 'carbon dioxide commercial', 'carbon dioxide ad' and 'co2 ad'.

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request said...

I am looking for the two ads of CEI (The Competitive Institute). I need the video-documents for educational work (it's not possible to be online, when I will use it).

Are there any possibilities to get those ads (web-sites, via email, video-stream-ripping, etc.). I am using a macintosh.
Looking forward for your answers!