Friday, June 16, 2006

Seventy one per cent fear global warming most.

Final results of our first poll, "Greatest Fears", are in. As you can see 71% of readers of Global Warming Watch pick global warming as their greatest fear. I am very pleased to have such an astute audience, and one that hasn't had the frighteners put on them by the war on terror media hype. But that is all this means. The sample is small (n=59) but probably representative (I have had 3,547 unique visits). When the population was 22 the percentage nominating global warming as their greatest fear was 68%. How the poll results would be in the wider world, across a broader selection of people, I am curious about.

Quick question ...Which is your biggest fear?
Global warming71.2%42

Global terror16.9%10

Global pandemic11.9%7

total votes: 59

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I am open to suggestions for a new poll. What I currently have in mind is something like "Do you expect to see extreme climate change in your lifetime? Or "What is going to come first? Peak Oil or Rapid Climate Change?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Both sound like good poll ideas, but can you do it by age group for the 'lifetime' to make it moe intresting - it's less surprising if a lot of 15 year olds say yes, than in a high prop of say 60 y.o's