Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Washington deluge 'predicted' as first sign of global warming

In an eery coincidence Kim Stanley Robinson, a science-fiction writer predicts in 2003 that a sustained Washington downpour will be the first sign of artificially global climate change. Via :::[Carbon Planet]

...sometime in the near future, a gigantic moisture-thick "stalled front" hangs over Washington for many days. Downpours come continuously, and eventually the city floods. Robinson, who is well-versed in science literature and whose fiction is often praised in technical publications, felt that sustained downpours, not melting ice, would be the first harbinger of artificially induced climate change. And a sustained downpour - worst than the Great Storm of 1871, previously the city's worst-ever - is ongoing in Washington at this writing.
The novel he predicted it in is called Forty Signs of Rain.

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