Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Turn global warming off: "You control climate change" campaign

The "Tune in. Turn on. Drop Out" chant of the 60s ain't going to cut it in the mid-noughties era of global warming. Today, in the EU, it is "Turn down. Switch off. Recycle. Walk."

Households directly contribute about 16 percent of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is in direct control of householders, and to illustrate the point for the public.advertisements carrying the globe with a thermostat control are spearheading a
new advertising awareness campaign launched by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas in Brussels on 31 May. The slogan is: Turn down. Switch off. Recycle. Walk. You couldn't get a more elegant piece of communication, it's so simple, anyone can turn a dial. But what is more powerful is the empowerment it gives the average punter. If you and I can control up to 16% of greenhouse gas emissions, and offset the rest, we can have a significant control over the impact of climate change on our future. Making things 16% less worse for ourselves is a good thing. It makes it worth doing something about global warming, and it is this point that will allow Joe Punter to come out of understandable global warming denial to take really stock of the situation. And then make a plan. :::[Expatica]

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