Monday, July 23, 2007

Business is ready to tackle climate change

Australian business CEOs, GMs and MDs are an astute lot, or at least 85.82% of them are. A survey, by Business Climate International shows that, as a group, the vast majority are overwhelmingly concerned about climate change.

With a little more education they will become a powerful environmental voice — money talks, and there's money to be saved by using energy more efficiently.

Top businesses rank their concerns in exclusive poll: To gauge what the Australian business world thinks about climate change, Business Climate International recently conducted an extensive survey of some of the country’s top CEO’s across hundreds of large, medium and small businesses. Surprisingly, results show that business leaders are overwhelmingly concerned (85.82%) and a third (33.33%)believe that hunger is likely to be the biggest by- product of climate change, while almost half (42.86%) agree that pollution is indeed the main cause.

The survey found that almost a quarter of polled recipients (21.43%) identify increasing populations as a contributing factor, whilst 14.29% believe waste adds to the problem. Erratic weather conditions (28.57%), desertification (14.29%), drought (14.29%) and flooding (9.52%) were also listed as resultant fears.

Over half (52.77%) of recipients have watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.

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