Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle V4.0 still riddled with bugs.

Great interview with Tony Jones and Martin Durkin. Jones flew to London to record the interview, as Durkins would not come here and participate in the panel discussion afterwards with leaders from industry, science and the environmental movement. Jones demolished Durkins, demonstrating that Durkins chops the end off his Freils Christiansen graph to prove the Medieval Warming Period is the warmer that now. Only "now" is 25 years ago in Christiansen's Graph. That's like leaving the foot off the hockey stick — you get a stick.

Durkins got PWNED. You could tell by the twitching thick black eyebrows, head rolling, shifting, his intent focus and the deep sigh accompanying a look of crumpled relief crossing his face when Jones had finished with him. Got PWNED when Jones revealed that the original The Great Global Warming Swindle is proving to be what software programmers call bloatware. It's now in its fourth major or minor edit from it's début on Channel 4 in the UK. Professor David Koroly said, in the panel discussion after that there is further to go to rid the piece of scientific inaccuracies. He described it as "propaganda".

Excellent panel discussion after which I would like to elaborate on later. The audience? The audience comprised of one rent-a-freak after another. Poor Tony Jones could sense his show risked being hijacked by vocal wacko dissemblists. The stuff that was in his control he did particularly well. He is a credit to his craft.

Well done ABC.

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