Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John Howard 2.0 launched on stiff, clunky platform

Things have moved on since the Office of Prime Minister John Howard first launched their rather flat HTML website on December 3, 1998. Internet stocks boomed, bubbled and burst. Enron collapsed and then, 9/11. Everything changed — we perfected the art of no longer needing words to describe things. We had WMD, WoT, GWoT hit in quick succession. Now we have AWAs, SARS and GHGs to contend with. Even technology has caught ADHD and spawned the iPod and Web 2.0.

What's Web 2.0? Well, from an election media strategist's perspective, it's where you will catch the elusive 18-36 voting audience hanging out, after not finding them in the tv, radio, and print media audience studies. This new Technorati will be updating their FaceBook profile, fine-tuning their Google reader, catching up on their favourite Blogger's, or uploading YouTube video responses.

They tuned out to push media a while ago, and turned on the interactivity, personalisation, collaboration and immediacy offered by a slew of social networking sites, wikis, and other self-publishing platforms. The media is the message.They don't read or watch news any more, they pick out their highlights with Clipmarks to re-contextualise and recycle it, or bookmarking it at site like, thereby voting for their preferred news in the great, big, Google on-going page-rank election. Web 2.0 turned the passive audiences of yore into a growing cast of a dynamic, interactive play, writ large.

Has the PM and his Office been taking notes? From JWH's debut on Web 2.0, apparently not...

However, it seems from their rapid YouTube video response, that Rudd and his Office has...

At the unofficial start of the election Rudd promised to play with Howard's mind. By luring him online with his FaceBook profile, Rudd just pwned Howard's arse and exposed him, once-more, as behind the times.

On consideration, maybe I am being a bit unfair to Howard. It's just that my broadband is so damned slow.

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