Sunday, July 22, 2007

World Wide Weird Weather #2

Didn't England experience similar flooding a month or so ago? Weird.

clipped from
THOUSANDSs of people awoke in makeshift shelters in southern and central England after abandoning their cars on flooded highways or leaving trains disrupted by torrential rains.
At Bampton in the west of Oxfordshire more than 300 homes flooded and 1200 left without power.
Helen Rossington of MeteoGroup UK said: "Average rainfall for the whole of July is about 35 millimetres. But some places have had as much as 85 millimetres in a few hours."
RAF troops from Kinloss, in Scotland, helped evacuate 60 people from Sedgeberrow in Worcestershire who were stranded after the River Isbourne burst its banks.

Many motorists were stranded in the south-western areas of Worcester and Gloucester. Some were forced to remain in their vehicles overnight and others chose to abandon their cars.

In Gloucestershire, around 2000 people spent last night in emergency shelters after being forced from their cars or homes due to the flooding.

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