Monday, July 23, 2007

Kevin Rudd and Tasmanian Gunns control

He's a good 'un, that Kevin.

He definitely does not want a repeat of Howard's surprising ascendency in Tasmania with the forestry union at the last election. So he has gone to spread oil on potentially troubled waters where all the elements are at play — the loggers, the greenies, nimbys, and now a group worried about the due process — not — that the Gunns pulp mill development applications is going through.

Tasmanians could be due for another rush of blood to the head from being on the national stage once again, come the elections.

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KEVIN Rudd has announced a $20 million Labor package to support the Tasmanian forestry industry and assess the possible impacts of climate change.

Included in the package is:

$9 MILLION to boost the export of forest products through a Forest Industries Development Fund;

$8 MILLION to address major gaps in knowledge concerning the impact of climate change on the timber industry and the vulnerability of forest systems;

$1 MILLION for a Forest and Forest Products Industry Skills Council to be known as ForestWorks;

$1 MILLION to develop skills data, and;

$1 MILLION to help regional governments and the industry combat illegal logging.

Mr Lennon said.

"It gives equal weight to both sides of the forestry debate and would be welcomed by reasonable observers who believe in a balanced approach,"

Mr Rudd said his position on a proposed pulp mill in Bass would depend on environmental impact assessments.

Gunns Ltd wants to build a mill in the Tamar Valley, north of Launceston.

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Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the days when people enjoyed life, even if they didnt have electricity or carbon emmitting cars but they had simpler things like kerosene lamps and horse and kart. People never had to worry about the lack of water or polluted air because as long as they looked after the environment it looked after them