Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is green-washing a global phenomenon?

Grist is featuring a breezy piece on 15 Green Cities. Sydney gets a gander, and this gets up the nose of GrantNW of Sydney:

Sydney green? You've got to be kidding

I hope the rest of your green cities aren't as full of hot air as Sydney. The skies ain't blue in Sydney any more and the rail system is on its last legs. Green Square is green only in name and is just a property development. And our national environment minister's plan to phase out electric light bulbs was made with an eye to an election this year, sounds implausible given the 'plan' to phase out disposable plastic bags in supermarkets has been going on for about ten years, is left up to industry, and has achieved little.

It also pales into insignificance from an Environment Minister who steadfastly refuses to sign the Kyoto Treaty.

by grantnw at 10:26 PM on 20 Jul 2007

I confer. We are good at green-washing only. We are a city ever-more dependent on the car and PPP roads infrastructure.

Funny, the majority of the commenters said similar things about their cities.

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