Monday, June 09, 2008

Bolty's dotty deniers play with pink swirls

L. Ron Bolt and his Carbon Pinkies are organising quickly. They have a bumper-sticker, a t-shirt design, and now this poster.

From their recently savaging of the arts community, you would think this bunch were creative savages. But no. It's good to see they are not so literal that they are going to be constrained by the tight pink dot brief given to them by their Sceptic-In-Chief.

And that the SIC is not so inflexible he can't recognise a good, out-of-brief idea when it is staring him in the face. A tight pink swirl can pass for pink dot when it's spinning... so thumbs up from Bolt. It's ruled in, and it's on.

Decisive leadership bears fruit, and Australia's new army of sceptics now have their version of Al Gore's evil documentary poster upon which to proclaim their position.

Which is that AGW scepticism is a convenient untruth!


Not so bright, these pink dots, are they?

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