Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Bolt? Or wingnut too?

Falling asleep over a poor whine, I almost missed the latest climate research findings of Andrew Bolt.

But of course: hiking prices of such a necessity to “stop” a warming that actually stopped in 1998 and would be unstoppable anyway is hardly something a sane person could support.

So, the warming that actually stopped in 1998 is unstoppable anyway?

What that about a sane person again? Andrew Bolt does not want to debate Al Gore, or Hansen, or Oreskes, Flannery, Phillip Adams, Monboit, Stern, Wong, or even Rudd.

He only wants to debate himself.

Bolt has fashioned his chi into an iron-pretzel to perfect a devastating one-man debating technique. Only he can argue (with himself) — unstoppable warming stopped in 1998 and thus remains unstoppable, even if it could be stopped — and win.

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Anonymous said...

You really don't get irony or sarcasm do you Wadard??? ?

Wadard said...

Go on, explain to me then...