Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spot the climate change sceptic — pink

An extraordinary over-reaction to a joke just might grow some legs. With pink spots.

Story so far:

It seems the Chaser lads, of world-wide Osama Bin to APEC fame, have Andrew Bolt seeing spots. Pink spots.

THE boys from the ABC’s Chaser show a map of Australia in their new show at the Athenaeum with a pink dot to indicate the whereabouts of our very last global warming sceptic.

Actually, there’s just a single pink dot in that entire expanse, and it’s plonked right over Melbourne. Over this tower with Herald Sun on top, in fact.

To be absolutely specific, it’s over this very chair in which I’m now sitting, typing furiously with a mad cackle and hair all wild.

He's not taking this lying down. Turning the sting in his own sling, he's gone on the front slipper; out, proud, and determined to wear his pink dot as a badge of honour. He's working harder than the Energiser bunny to fashion his followers into an army of proud pink polka dotted sceptics.

So hand the pink dots around, and I urge you all to wear them with pride.

Do not be ashamed to be dotty, because global warming is a faith that even its loudest preachers seem not quite to believe.

The next day reveals that his entreaties have driven the Bolt base to burst through their rose-coloured-glass creative ceiling.

Andrew Bolt – Saturday, June 07, 08 (12:04 am)

Yesterday I noted that the Chaser had a map of Australia with a single pink dot to indicate the last global warming sceptic in Australia.

Reader John has kindly mocked up a graphic for a T-shirt or bumper sticker for the many readers who yesterday demanded they be struck pink, too:

So has reader Peter:

Your advice, please: Do I print up T-shirts? Or can you improve on these images?

No, you can't improve on See the Light, C02's Alright! Sorry. So, come in spinner...

Andrew, Arthur here:
I’d like to order 5 x t-shirts, 5 x bumper stickers and 5 x badges.
My wife, myself and my 3 children will wear them all with great pleasure, honour and pride. (It’ll be interesting too see the reaction from the ‘man in the street’!)

Arthur McArthur of Mount Martha

Jesus! Print t-shirts please - I’ll buy one. I’ve been dying to be counted as a sceptic.

austen tasseltine of adelaide

Austen's obviously not hear of irony. In an unexpected twist, Bolt's bravery has split the base. Others want in, but are struggling with the pinkness of it all.

Wouldn’t such a shirt mean that, walking down the street, you’d get beaten up by ultra-right-wing gay-bashers and then again by extreme-left climate change dogooders? How about a manly “mission brown” dot or perhaps navy?

Geoff of Dulwich

Old Sailor Man replied to Geoff
Sat 07 Jun 08 (07:55am)

I agree -do away with the pink....images of code pink, pinko. If it must start with “P” try purple or puce

Puce? My god. But the funniest commenters are the piss-takers.

Sceptics need a movement. For too long they have muttered around the edges. Now things are getting serious, with the Chaser boys throwing down the gauntlet. How a name?

The Carbon Pinkies

It 'll catch on.

A secret sign, where you raise your pinkie when you first meet someone. If they raise their pinkie in reply, you know they are a Carbon Pinkie, a fellow sceptic; sound of mind and staunch of heart.

Left pinkie full extended indicates sunspot watchers, and left pinkie half-cocked, means they are a Maunder Minimalist.

Right pinkie on full extension at shoulder height means they are a red-blooded Global Warming is a Body that's Ten Years Cold' stand-up kinda bloke/blokette. RH pinkie, half-cocked tells you they are alarmiphopic, with keen selective-hearing.


When sceptics get organised, how about a band along the lines of Crow's 12 Foot of Grunt?

L. Ron. Bolt and the Pink Polka Dots.

Or a book/movie?

A bold, pink heading: Battlefield Earth
Subhead: The Sceptics Cookbook

And a shot of the Earth from space with a big pink spot superimposed on it.

Strapline: If you can't beat 'em, heat 'em!


Ok, a joke.

Q. What do you call a sceptics convention?

A. An measles outbreak.

strange days indeed

Or how about a design for the front and back?:

I’m a Climate Change Skeptic who’s Not Sorry and who OPPOSES the Republic, Further Muslim Immigration, Feminists, Changing the Flag, a Bill of Rights, Kevin Rudd, Arts Funding, Bringing the Troops Home, Ted Baillieu, Greenpeace, going Soft on Crime, Phillip Adams, going Soft on Drugs, The Chinese Government, the Dalai Lama, the Refugee Convention, Malcolm Turnbull, Gay Marriage, Bill Henson, Arabs, the UN…

...and Groupthink.

Mercurius of New York

Maybe it should read ‘I cherry pick data to prove in my own mind i am smarter than the membership of the National Academy of Science, The Royal Society, AAAS and just about every other scientific body in the world”

Rob Hill

T-Shirts? The future won’t be warm enough for T-Shirts, Andrew. Not when 1998 was the Hottest Year Ever(TM) and all the predictions except yours are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

A real global warming skeptic would wear a full-length parka, mittens and thermal underwear.

Why don’t you get a batch made up?


Mercurius of New York

A batch of Kool-Aid.

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