Friday, June 27, 2008

Put big fossil fuel on the dock

James Hansen wants oil executives who sponsor the PR war on climate science to go to jail.

Monboit says it's not a crime, but then sheet the potential blame for runaway climate change to the fossil-fuel funded effort to sow doubt about what scientists are telling us.

But the culpability of the energy firms the climate scientist James Hansen will indict in his testimony to Congress today is clear. If we fail to stop runaway climate change, it will be largely because of campaigning by oil, coal and electricity companies, and the network of lobbyists, fake experts and thinktanks they have sponsored.

It would be a crime, if we weren't all addicted to oil. Part of the reason for the ongoing addiction has been the misinformation campaign. And its something I can't just shrug my shoulders at, as Monboit seems to.

I strongly feel that news organisations who publish climate change material that does not source the peer-reviewed literature should face public censure.

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