Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spotted by Bolty's dotty denialists

Spotted a fair bit of traffic coming in from Andrew Bolt Blog today, after posting my piece on his pink spot campaign last night. Turns out one of his regular commenters, strange days indeed, spotted that I captured his comment in my piece, and had gone back and bragged about it.

Any feedback is good, and the only complaint about my blog seems to be the Global Warming Watch line, "THE ONLY SAFE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IS 150,000,000 KILOMETERS AWAY” by Boltite grumbler, "The Greek". No faulting of my logic, though. Just didn't like me saying it.


Spotted that the steady traffic from Andrew Bolt Blog stopped after 7:00pm, which is when one of the Boltites must have spotted this post and lagged to Andrew, who removed strange days indeed's boast post, 'n cut me off. Easy come, easy go.

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