Tuesday, January 10, 2006

$A2.6 trill will suck carbon out air not ground.

'$A2.6 trillion pledged towards fighting global warming', would be a great storyline. Instead the headline is Iraq war bill could top $2.6 trillion.

Welcome to the real world but, momentarily, my reverie revived me, and I glimpsed a time when global public pressure dislodges the corporate logjam that is stopping the universal acknowledgement that we have to do something very real about combatting very real global warming.

It's not like the money could not be found, the bill has to be paid, it's just a question of priorities; saving the planet for the future or getting the oil for the now, planting trees or pushing torture, algal photosynthetic bloomings or aerial phosphorous bombing.

Ok, I know that the science of seeding oceans with iron filings to create CO2 sucking algal blooms to effect global cooling has been debunked, but the point is that this the direction this inventive, survivalistic species should be heading in.

Because even when we are wrong sometimes, we can't be as wrong spending $2.6 trillion to find out we were wrong in Iraq.

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