Saturday, January 28, 2006

Human race to drop 60% over 200 years.

When James Lovelock said last week that global warming was now irreversible, I hoped he was just pushing his new book. Now the man who convinced Margaret Thatcher that global warming was real, Sir Crispin Tickell, predicts that, in 200 years, there could be as few as 2.3 billion people because rising sea levels and temperatures will make some areas uninhabitable and, coupled with social factors, depress birth rates.
ONE of Britain's leading environmentalists will today sound a doomsday warning to the world: humanity's very existence is under threat from climate change and, even if we survive, the population will crash to about a third of its current level ...

But he also says our survival is "not guaranteed" and that the presence of humans on the planet could be "no more than a somewhat messy episode
in the history of the Earth"
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