Monday, January 09, 2006

RealClimate, keepin' it real for 12 months

Happy birthday to a much needed climate scientists forum who are doing a great job demystifying the global warming news making it into the mainstream media every day:

RealClimate has been online for just over a year, and so this is probably a good time to review the stories we've covered and assess how well the whole project is working out.

Over the last 12 months, we've tackled a 100+ scientific topics that range from water vapour feedbacks, the carbon cycle, climate sensitivity, satellite/surface temperature records, glacier retreat, climate modellinghurricanes. We've had guest postings that span questions of Martian climate change to Arctic ozone depletion and solar forcing. We've crossed virtual swords with Michael Crichton, the Wall Street Journal's editorial board, George Will, Nigel Lawson, Fox News and assorted documentary makers (though only one person ever threatened to sue us). Hopefully our contributions have interested, intrigued and occasionally amused (at least a few of you...).

Keep on keepin' it real.

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