Sunday, January 15, 2006

AP6 climate talks raises temperatures

The people are not fooled by the recent Sydney AP6 industry-friendly climate smokescreen as the Letters to the Editor of the SMH demonstrate:

Hot air does little to cool the greenhouse.

Along with the world's, my temperature was rising when reading the results of the government climate change junket ("Greenhouse battle handed to industry", January 13). What on earth did the government representatives actually do? The only outcome I see is that they have now officially rubber- stamped further destruction of the world's climate by the world's biggest polluting companies and countries.

My temperature finally boiled over when I read a quote from the US representative that nuclear energy would be "discussed by the renewable energy group because many people consider it a renewable source". How do you renew uranium? Is Kakadu renewable? I would laugh if I could stop crying in despair.

Damien Quinnell Menai

John Howard has just pledged to spend $1 a person a year for the next five years to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe he should spend $2.50 a person, as he did with his industrial reforms campaign, to explain why his el cheapo solution will work.

Stephen Wong Castlecrag

How could you possibly expect industry leaders to look after the health of the planet when the best they can do is to reward themselves with the highest possible salaries while their fellow workers, who are deemed lower on the status ladder, can earn up to 250 times less. Can those who think so highly of themselves be truly trusted to think of others?

Richard Nohra Hurlstone Park

Why does John Howard speak at these conferences? It would be much simpler if he rose after an American and just said "ditto".

Jim Ruxton Pymble

One hundred million dollars from our guys? That's about two Liberal government ad campaigns. And $69 million from the United States? That's about $10 million less than what they spent investigating Bill Clinton's fib and a semen stain.

Ross Sharp Toowong (Qld)

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