Saturday, January 07, 2006

Declaration of World Energy Independence

Greenpeace is sooo last millenium - no use saving whales if you don't have a planet to keep 'em - in 2006 CleanPeace is the buzz save-the-world organisation. Actually it is an initiative by the American Hydrogen Association to achieve energy independence, peace and a clean environment.

CleanPeace is a non-profit corporation dedicated to social action for rapid replacement of depletable fossil and radioactive fuels with clean burning, Undepletable Hydrogen (Hydrogen produced from Undepletable Resources) for:

  1. Reducing international tensions and the potential for end-less wars arising from competition for diminishing fossil and radioactive fuels;
  2. Cleaning the air, water and soil, reversing greenhouse gas accumulation and global warming, and mitigating, if not eliminating, the potentially disastrous impact of Peak Oil.
  3. Stopping proliferation of nuclear facilities that produce radioactive wastes and threaten security by sourcing materials for potential dirty bombs;
  4. Promulgating achievement of sustainable prosperity throughout the world.
  5. Reversing the petrolium driven international power shifts from the world Democracies to oil-rich dictators and multi-national syndicates that exploit peak profits from the choas of peak oil.
And they have made a Declaration of World Energy Independence, Energy Security and Sustainability which they invite you to read and sign.

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