Saturday, May 12, 2007

Climate tipping out faster than forecast

Like the failing kidneys of an alcoholic , global warming may be reducing the capacity to plants and soils to absorb carbon dioxide. This is an anticipated tipping point, the next stage is runaway climate change, and we have a predicted ten years to stop it.
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CLIMATE change may have passed a key tipping point that could mean temperatures rising more quickly than predicted and it being harder to tackle global warming, research suggests.

Scientists at Bristol University say a previously unexplained surge of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in recent years is due to more greenhouse gas escaping from trees, plants and soils. Global warming was making vegetation less able to absorb the carbon pollution pumped out by human activity.

Such a shift would worsen the gloomy predictions of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warned last week that there is less than a decade to tackle rising emissions to avoid the worst effects of global warming.
Wolfgang Knorr, a climate researcher at Bristol, said: "We could be seeing the carbon cycle feedback kicking in, which is good news for scientists because it shows our models are correct. But it's bad news for everybody else."


Anonymous said...

this is sad news...

Anonymous said...

Humans are sucking the life out of our planet! We all need to do our part and reduce our own carbon footprints, make less trips to the store, ride a bike, recycle, turn off the lights!!