Tuesday, May 08, 2007

World Wolfowitz Bank almost solves climate change - for big fossil-fuel

A pro fossil-fuel agenda has been smuggled into the World Bank by another controversy-causing Wolfowitz Human Resources placed candidate. This time it's the former conservative finance minister from El Salvador, and strong Iraq war advocate, Mr Juan José Daboub, who is raising the hackles of senior staff.

The outcome of his intentions would have been to make developing countries completely reliant of fossil-fuels, and given developed countries less reason to stick to an international framework for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, like the Kyoto Protocol.

I have one question; If they were so wrong about the Iraq cake-walk, yet are still so cavalier, why on earth would you trust them on climate change, and our children's futures? Do we want the planet to resemble Iraq today, in twenty years?

Dr. Robert Watson, the Bank's chief climate scientist, co-chair of the 1995 IPCC working group and veteran of the US Whitehouse culture war on climate science, doesn't.

Wolfowitz deputy’s efforts to undercut climate change text in World Bank strategy paper

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007

One of Paul Wolfowitz’s two handpicked deputies, Juan José Daboub, tried to water down references to climate change in one of the World Bank’s main environmental strategy papers, the bank’s chief scientist Robert Watson told the Financial Times. In Dr. Watson, Daboub picked the wrong person to try to get around in Cooney-izing climate change text in an official report.

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