Friday, May 25, 2007

Low flow for $10 billion Murray-Darling river rescue

'twas a plan hatched on back of the envelope that crossed no squinting Treasury eyes, so why shouldn't the States look askance at the Federal Government's Murray-Darling River offer? Today's water allocation is tomorrow's pork barrel, if yesterday is any guide.
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The Federal Government will alter aspects of its $10 billion Murray-Darling Basin rescue plan after more states today joined Victoria in expressing concern about the proposal.

Victoria remained steadfast in its rejection of the plan after a meeting of water ministers from basin states and the Federal Government in Adelaide today.

South Australia and Queensland, while remaining supportive of the federal plan, voiced concern at aspects to rejuvenate the ailing basin.

Federal Water Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Canberra was willing to tinker with the plan's legislation.

"We are seeking input and we are making changes to the legislation all the time," Mr Turnbull said.

"We recognise that we are not the sole repository of wisdom on water, nobody is.

"We all benefit from input from others and we are seeking that input, receiving it, and where there is a consensus that it can make an improvement, we are applying it."

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