Thursday, May 03, 2007

Latest global warming first: Climate Wars

We've already had the world's first climate refugees, are we having the world's first climate war in Sudan? Will climate change soon cause the world's first western agricultural collapse, in Australia, if the rains don't fall this month?
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All of the predicted catastrophic consequences of climate change are happening already, though not yet ramped up to their full potential for death and destruction. We are already witnessing the world's first climate change war in Darfur, Sudan [more | more2]; and the first continental scale emergency in Australia's "big dry" drought. It has been suggested that the real root of the Darfur conflict is ferocious drought and famine that since mid-1980s transformed Sudan and the whole Horn of Africa
"Those who were prepared to kill, rape and pillage were drawn from the ranks of the desperate, ripped from their traditional way of life by a catastrophic change in the weather.. there is the very real prospect it [climate change] will lead to more conflicts like Darfur

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