Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Greenpeace's aggressive tactics not winning Mac users over

Apple is the tactical low-hanging fruit in Greenpeace's campaign to reduce toxicity in electronics, such as arsenic and PVC, and to encourage waste recycling. But is it wise to push Mac users, veterans of the PC wars, to pull their wagons into a laager?

H/t Mark Lawrence who provides this take on the Steve Jobs – Greenpeace stoush from online/email Mac magazine TidBITS.
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But it also feels as though Greenpeace is targeting Apple not because Apple is necessarily worse than other, much larger companies, but because anything surrounding Apple generates media attention and controversy, and that attention is good for Greenpeace's ultimate goal. Therein, I think, lies the reason why many Mac users have reacted so defensively to Greenpeace's attacks; it seems as though Greenpeace is specifically targeting Apple for other-than-stated reasons.
Apple isn't entirely free of culpability here either. As much as Apple fans sometimes lose track of this fact, Apple is a public company, and a big one at that. Above all else, Apple's loyalties lie with serving its shareholders by improving the bottom line.

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