Friday, May 11, 2007

Coal industry pledges "clean-coal" research dollars

Whenever I hear of "clean-coal", I think of safe-sex . Unless you and your partner are 100% 'healthy', and monogamous, there is no such thing as safe-sex, only safer-sex. Risks remain.

Anyhoo, there is more money for cleaner-coal research. This time coming from the industry itself:
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Under political pressure over climate change, the coal industry has vowed to raise at least $1 billion to develop technology to curb greenhouse gases.

The announcement increases by $700 million the funds producers have committed to clean coal technology.

The Australian Coal Association said the $1 billion would be raised over 10 years by extending the $300 million COAL21 Fund.

All black coal companies will contribute equally to the fund through a voluntary levy, which will continue indefinitely.

"This should leave no doubt about the coal industry's intention to partner with state and federal governments on nationally significant clean coal projects," ACA executive director Mark O'Neill said.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie this week threatened to increase mining royalties, claiming the state's industry had reneged on a deal to invest in clean coal.

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