Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tonight's Australian Government budget leaked to Greens

And they don't like it.
clipped from www.smh.com.au

The Federal Government will spend nearly $20 billion over the
next five years on environmental measures, according to the
Australian Greens.

The Greens claimed they have been leaked details of the budget
in what would be a sensational breach of security of the
tightly-held documents.

According to a detailed document the Greens have received, $2.4
billion of the $10 billion water plan has been allocated over the
next four years. This includes more than $900 million to buy back
water licences and more than $1 billion to fund more efficient
water infrastructure.

The document also confirms that the solar rebate program would
be extended for five years at a cost of about $150 million.

The Greens said the Government spending figures show that the $4
billion would constitute less than half what the Government spends
on "handouts" to the fossil fuel industry during a mining boom.

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