Sunday, May 20, 2007

David Hicks converts to new green religion

I can just imagine the headline of opinion writers like Andrew Bolt, "Hicks rejects Islam for environmentalism", or "Hicks trained in Greenpeace tactics - is nine months enough?" "Trrrist or Envirmntallist, what's the difference?". The glee with which they will wield that tarred brush will be unrestrained.

Hicks was described as the "worst-of-the-worst" during times of high political sensitivity, but his new interest in environmentalism seems to concur with previous evidence that he is an adventurer who takes up causes. Granted, some more misguided than others, but that is not a justification for holding and torturing someone for five years without laying charges until the end, like some pawn in the propaganda war.
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Convicted terrorist supporter David Hicks was "overjoyed" when he landed in Australia this morning after a 24-hour trip from thenotorious Guantanamo Bay prison to his home town of Adelaide, his lawyer says.
Hicks was friendly and in good spirits but was more reflective than talkative. He spent long hours looking out the window at the outside world, something he has not been able to do for years and enjoyed getting on and off the plane - the first time, Mr McLeod said, he'd been able to walk in a straight line for more than 10 metres in years.
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Hicks' US military lawyer, Major Michael Mori, was also on hand at Guantanamo to farewell his most famous client.
Flying back into his home town of Adelaide, Hicks remarked that he was pleased to see the city so green - he had heard tales of Australia's drought and feared conditions would be worse. Environmentalism is a newfound interest and one he hopes to nurture from his cell as he serves the remainder of his nine-month sentence.


As if on cue, Andrew Bolt proves how boringly predictable denialists are in their tactics, and that he is better at writing headlines than me:

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Trained to kill people, but wants to save trees

Andrew Bolt – Monday, May 21, 07 (06:41 am)

Once criminals sought redemption by announcing they’d found religion.

Convicted al Qaida recruit David Hicks is no different:

(Hicks’ lawyer David) McLeod said Hicks had reached Year 11 in his studies and now wanted to work towards becoming an ecologist.

He has an interest in ecology, zoology and the environment, and he hopes to make a contribution in some way.”

A symbol of our times.

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