Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Censored, at last!

Well the wicked West won't censor me, so I have no hope of making it big-time here, but trawling though my logs I discovered I am getting some sneaky visitors from somewhere. Possibly. I need more evidence before I can say for sure.
Welcome enterprising visitor. Whether you are from (in no particular order) Pakistan, India, Iran or China, or anywhere else you may be using the masking service to get around someone's firewall black list (hopefully not during working hours, eh?). Welcome to freedom of (my) opinion. And yours. Definitely feel free to leave a comment if you wish.

Not everyone in the West wishes me to express my opinion freely, though. Indeed, in my very own country I am being censored by a rogue News opinion journalist. :::[Andrew Bolt Blog]
Posted by Wadard of Sydney on Tue 28 Nov 06 at 01:26pm


Andrew Bolt


You said goodbye to this site in a particularly abusive comment, even for you, and I’m rather anxious for you to follow through, given my wish to encourage a more civilised debate.


Andrew Bolt
Tue 28 Nov 06 (02:00pm)

The man who called Dr Tim Flannery a wombat in his headline, and who is giving me short thrift with his SNIP shtick for abuse, accuses me of abuse whenever I request he only use scientific research from peer-review journals to make his case for anthropogenic global warming skepticism. :::[AB Blog: Greenpeace neo-cons hype up the terror threat]

Posted by Wadard of Sydney on Mon 27 Nov 06 at 11:10pm

I have temporarily broken my lurking to congratulate you on using peer-reviewed science, even if it is only computer modeling, to make your points about science:
"The study was performed for EPRI by ABS Consulting’s Irvine, Calif., office and by San Diego-based ANATECH. It was peer reviewed and critiqued as the computer modeling was being done by internationally recognized experts with decades of experience in structural analysis."

911's Friday 13th is here

I even complimented you on my blog for using it, and I hope this is a sign of more to come, especially when you blog about global warming.

So there, dear visitor, even in my country we have those who would stifle the voice of reason, and surprise, surprise, it's the very people most vocal in claiming to be for free-speech, democracy, et. al. It is more than reasonable to request that a skeptic stick to peer-review research in assembling their scientific arguments on global warming for the media. Especially given the stakes.

And if you do come across these skeptics spouting their opinion in your travels behind whatever curtain, or corporate firewall, you are behind, ask them to back it up with facts wrought from the Darwinian-like struggle for validity that occurs when scientific ideas are thown up for analysis by the most intellectually-rigorous scientists of their disciplines, as happens when research is published in peer-review journals. They'll shut you up, and thereby concede, quicker than they can type...


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