Monday, November 20, 2006

Gaia gets a gander on Bolt's Faith Festival

Andrew Bolt has posted rules for his blog which will hopefully take out the more shrill commenting that goes on. In all credit to him, he's becoming a good moderator given his workload. He's also offered to post sermons from all denominations, which seemed the appropriate time for the Green Religion of Gaia Worship to come out of the woods. Especially given Andrew has been so loud and long in warning about this neo-Pagan resurgence. So I jumped at the chance to proselytise:

I support the new rules and it will make for better commenting. In the spirit of the inclusiveness of the inter-faith dialogue you propose, would you accept a sermon from the Green religion - though you often rail against it?

I would be happy to drop into the nearest oak-grove, next full moon, and report my local druid's global warming sermon. I might plant a sapling for you. ;)

I hope he sees it as a bit of fun and gives me a go. Or I'll have to change the headline.

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