Saturday, November 25, 2006

Greens poised to win balance in Victorian election

GREENS leader Bob Brown is "cautiously optimistic" that his party will get the balance of power in Victoria's upper house.

A Galaxy Opinion poll forecast the Greens to win 12 per cent of the vote in today's state election, tipping Greens candidate Dr Richard DiNatale to take the lower house seat of Melbourne from Health Minister Bronwyn Pike.

In the 40 seat upper house the party may find the real power with opinion polls showing the likelihood of it winning between three and six seats. Enough to give it the balance of power. :::[News]

Andrew Bolt, of Melbourne, is asking, "please explain?". Time will soon tell whether Senator Brown explains right:

"Big issues like the drought, water supplies and climate change are at the forefront and people appreciate the Greens' role in tackling these issues."

Well he would say that - he's got the right to, he's leadhis party from the feral edge of Australian politics into the center, a long march in a few short years. Anyway, this is only the beginning of what I predict. :::[Australian politics starts to go green.]

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What are your thoughts on this proposed new Australian Political party?