Sunday, November 05, 2006

Walk against Warming global

Sydney saw an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 protesters 'Walk against Warming' yesterday, gathering in Martin Place, ahead of international talks on climate change in Kenya, demanding world leaders act now to curb global warming. Today we say that 22,500 protesters packed out Traflagar Square in London to participate in 'Walk against Warming':

The event included a march from the United States embassy in protest against US President George W Bush's refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on cutting climate-warming gases from fossil fuels.

By rights it should have also wound its way past the Australian embassy.

Barrie Cassidy, presenter of the ABC Insiders program this morning described the groundswell of global warming awareness as a 'tsunami', propelled by the success of Al Gore's "The Inconvenient Truth", the strong signals from business leaders for carbon emissions price signals, the Stern Report release and Rupert Murdoch's conversion to the cause by his son, Lachlan. The tsunami hit in London:

"We are reaching audiences today in a way that was impossible a year ago," Ashok Sinha, director of organisers Stop Climate Chaos (SCC), told Reuters.

"We are getting people to look at the total carbon emisson of their lives and to start making adjustments, because every single bit helps.

"We are talking about personal actions but it is also building up pressure on governments to take action to stop the destruction of the planet."

It's particularly gratifying for me. This blog started out as an investigation into the facts of global warming, and then I realised that facts were not the only things being considered, if at all, in constructing public policy on climate change in Australia and the US. It was the considerable considerations of entrenched dirty energy industries that were mainly being considered while they muddied the science for the public. They did this by mobilising a phalanx of journos, opinion journos like Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun, to spout well orchestrated and deliberately duplicious pseudo-science to depict the scientific consensus as nonexistent. The thinking behind this strategy is that if the public is confused, then they go with the status quo, and make no changes to what energy they choose to consume.

Well the stragegy is not working for 12,000 Sydney and 22,500 Londoner protesters this weekend, nor the 9 out of 10 Australians who believe our big fossil fuel friendly government is not doing what it needs to be doing. Just learning about the facts is an instrinsically satisfying part of this blog. But I see that the public is keenly aware, and that it has not been sidetracked into inertia by the professional global warming skeptics mobilised by the Big Fossil-Fuel fueled thinktank industry, and it makes up for some of the effort I have devoted to this blog.

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