Sunday, November 12, 2006

Costello concedes on carbon trading

News just in, is that Australian Treasurer has put a stake though the heart of the Liberal Government's current energy policy, and acknowledges that Australia will have to be involved in an international carbon-trading scheme.

Peter 'Interview with a Vampire Costello' image borrowed (at night) from Poligoths

"I think the ground is changing," he told ABC television programme, Insiders, today:

"... and I think from Australia's point of view if the world starts
moving towards a carbon trading system, we can't be left out of that.

"I think the weakness up until now has been that key consumers such as China and India have not been in this.

"But as the world moves towards a carbon trading system, Australia obviously can't stand out against the rest of the world."

This is significant. Someone's learning the lessons of the US Republicans' routing in their mid-terms, and Costello seems to be distancing himself from Howard's stance. How green will Australian politics get?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't climate change a result of the variability of the Sun?

Wadard said...

not this time around.