Saturday, November 11, 2006

Iraq, corruption, economy or pushing "global warming alarmist" term?

The US Mid Term Elections 2006 Republican routing, what was that all about? Sahlah has a list, and it is encouraging that Bush's peddling of the "global warming alarmist" term is on her list. And ending habeas corpus. And forgetting about Osama Bin Laden. The list goes on...

So the big question being asked by some conservative opinion journalists in Australia is does Bush's Man-Of-Steel, Deputy-Sherrif, and Partner-in-The-Coalition-Of-The-Willing have a such list?

I'll kick off with:
  • Not signing up to Kyoto
  • Pushing the idea that reducing carbon emissions would damage the economy
  • Letting the Greenhouse Mafia write government energy policy
  • Bailing out Stan Howard
  • Interfering with Brazillian ethanol importation into Australia, to protect his Queensland sugercane mates
  • Free-trade hypocrisy in relation to above point
  • Capping the ethanol limit at 10% in ethanol blend petrol to protect his petrol mates
  • Not increasing renewable energy target quotas, thus drawing investment into renewables, then killing it off.
  • Ignoring energy demand reduction, or efficiency yield improvements as a greenhouse strategy
  • Putting all his eggs into the nuclear and yet to be developed 'clean-coal' technological solutions baskets that are yet to be weaved
  • Their AP6 Group pretend policy to tackling climate change
  • Misrepresenting our 'not landclearing' as Australia on track to meeting our 'Kyoto' targets
And that's just the global warming related items. There are many others for me, and it's hard to say what is most disturbing. Suspension of habeus corpus by a government is a big one for me. Whatever Hicks did, it wasn't bad enough for us to overturn an 800 year old, hard-earned civilising principle of law. And basis of human rights. It also diminishes what it means to be an Australian if the government of the day can decide that because they don't like you that they throw you to the wolves if you get in trouble overseas. I'm not for getting into trouble overseas, but the country demands loyalty of us as citizens. Well, the expectation is reciprocal; even the worst of ours should be entitled to a fair trial, and to expect our diplomats to do their utmost to bring this about.

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