Monday, November 20, 2006

Has Howard's global warming Tampa set sail?

Catching the latest in global warming skepticism at the blog of its most diehard proponent, Andrew Bolt, I found him gleeful at the prospect of the Federal Liberals being ahead of Labor on the environmental vote. :::[Voters wary of global warming hot heads].

This bizarre result might prove that merely genuflecting to the god of global warming gets you respect:

A POLL has found the Coalition leading Labor on the management of climate change, leaving the ALP scrambling to defend its environmental credentials.
The Ipsos Mackay poll found climate change would determine the vote of 60 per cent of Australians at the next election.

Twenty-four per cent of respondents said the Greens were the best party to manage climate change, while 23 per cent chose the Liberals and just 19 per cent chose Labor.

The Liberals are trusted on this almost as much as the Greens, and more than Labor?

That tells me the poll could also show that the hot gospellors of the new faith make a lot of voters nervous, and that less is more for a politiciann trying to scare up votes.

I would be amazed if the the Australian voter would allow Howard and this government to turn on a five cent piece on global warming. But, it's happened before, and if anyone can, he can.

I looked for more information about the poll, and discovered that no media organisation, other than Murdoch's News, has published it. :::[Google: "allintext: "Ipsos Mackay poll" "climate change" "60%"in past three month].

Nothing to see here, like with most of Bolt's links. But before moving along, this does raise the question of whether Howard deserves to get a free pass from his recalcitrant history on acknowledging the real science of global warming, and the real economics of climate change. Does he deserve it, if he has a climate change epiphany on his personal road to Damascus, or in today's terms, Washington? I'll be looking at this, and the recent history of the politics of climate change in Australia in upcoming posts. Lest we forget who got us into this situation.

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