Sunday, November 26, 2006

Iceberg armada floats a global warming business

The Stern Report warns of the economic perils of climate change, but he hadn't considered the global warming tourism boom to be had before we get to The Day After. New Zealand eco-capitalists are capitalising on the never seen before armada of 100 or so icebergs that are bumping into South Island, as they are driven further north than they usually get to before melting. So with eight charter planes and two helicopters newly commandeered to run two viewings a day, it's only a matter of time before a tourist films an iceberg cracking and sheering in all its magnificence. :::[SMH Video]

Ok, so I previously said that these iceberg shouldn't be used to make a case for global warming, but that hasn't stopped our eco-capitalists living off the tips of the icebergs (I hope you're off-setting your emissions, bro, you need trees to make icebergs). I anticipate boat fishing tours over the north pole next.

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