Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The heat is on, it's on the street

Who would have thought it?

In country where the Australian government have let the self-styled Greenhouse Mafia, the fossil-fuel lobby, effectively write their energy policy.

In a country where the Greenhouse Mafia used political influence our leading climate scientists censored.

In a world where global Greenhouse Mafia money has spent-up big pushing doubt int the public analysis of the science. To great effect; a study by Naomie Oreskes established that the scientific consensus on global warming is absolute, but in the public discussion half the oxygen is given to climate change skeptics. Here, we have our Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Piers Akerman as mercenary foot soldiers in the War on Climate. A war they have lost.

I have seriously underestimated the Australian public. They are a lot more aware of the problem than I had imagined. It makes writing this blog more rewarding. It's amusing to watch the government play catch up.

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Jaraparilla said...

Way to go, Wadard! The blog looks great, and serves a great cause - I will add you to my links asap!

Anonymous said...

One point please explain how you can discern the world temperatures from say 1000 years ago? Of course these need to be as accurate as we are able to measure the temperate now (or better).
Seems to me that if the primary data about the worlds climate in the past is based on guesses then any predictions about the future are as likely to be correct as inspecting the entrails of a chicken.

Likewise as a supporter of the AGW proposition it is up to you to prove that the case you support is in fact true. In no other branch of science is ?consensus ? claimed to prove a theory; what is usually required is a repeatable experiment that proves the hypothesis. I await details of your experiment .

Wadard said...

proxy measurement, not guesses

chalacuna said...

Global climate has never been this worst for the past 500 years. Based on scientific studies, harmful emmissions from plants, cars and other fuel burning machines are the major culprit to the rapid climate change. This phenomenon called global warming has been felt in several parts of the world and is noticable in the abnormal behavior of thyphoons and tidal waves.

it is everybodys responsiblity to help maintain the environment and save mother earth.

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